Iron Sky the Board Game ranked high!

Total Film ranked Iron Sky the Board Game as the 6th best board game based on a film!

There were 50 titles, older classics and latest hit games. Our design was triumphed by very good games, but we also left some renowned titles behind.

We designed this game to have good replay value. It does not follow the exact events of the film, but instead gives the players chance to take part in the war happening on the surface of Earth. Players can customise their playing session with optional rules. It is great to see that Total Film pointed this out too! :)

Please take a look at the review:

Iron Sky the Board Game

Essen Spiel ’12

Space Nazis take over Essen!

Our anticipated new release Iron Sky -the boardgame was revealed to the world at Essen Spiel ’12 boardgame fair. The game was in great demand and interested a lot of people. Iron Sky was played non-stop at multible tables through the duration of the fair. After gaining some foothold, the conquest spread from Essen towards the rest of Europe and to Northern America.


Revision Games was included in the Arctic Union, which is a coalition of Finnish boardgame publishers. Our stand was one of the largest in hall 4, and because of the collaboration, Finnish game design gained a great deal of visibility.


Iron Sky board game tower begun to drain during Sunday.

A teaser on what’s coming

We also had a sneak peek on what’s coming: Two games of the horror genre – Pandemonium in New Arkadia and Wall of the Dead. Both games had some playtesting and we thank the players for the feedback!


Other pics from the fair:


Summer 2011 events

We visited various gaming events in Summer 2011.

Let’s take a look back at Spiel ’11

Iron Sky: the Board Game preorder and release at Spiel ’12

Iron Sky: the Board Game is now on landing vector, ready to land at Spiel ’12!

The game will be released at Essen Spiel ’12. We will bring a limited supply of games and we would appreciate if you preorder or reserve your copy before the event. This way you can ensure you will be among the first wave of invasion.

You have option to preorder a “Essen Spiel pick up” for 40 euros. Check Iron Sky store for details. Pay now and pick it up at booth 4-120.


Other option is to reserve your copy now and pay 45 euros in cash to get your game from our booth. More details here:

Revision Games will appear at Finnish “Arctic Union” booth 4-120. See you there!

The new website

Revision Games just launched new and improved website. The previous one was too clunky, and we have now streamlined your browsing experience. Sadly Finnish version will be dropped off for the time being.